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Tony Trains Professional Athletes, Celebrities, Military, Swat, and THOUSANDS of Everyday Individuals.

Now He’s Sharing His  Highly Effective Fitness Techniques With The General Public!

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“The most Dangerous Man In The World”

-Tony Sentmanat

A Pioneer of The Hybrid Athlete Style of Functional Fitness Training that not only helps you perform everyday activities more easily but allows you to DO MORE!
“Being big to me is more than just having mass... It’s about being able to have strength, speed, agility, endurance, and power.”
My programs work because I don’t train like everyone else.

I don’t ONLY get you results that you can see in the mirror... My training turns you into a dangerous warrior that’s prepared for whatever life throws at you.
Celebrities want me to train them because they’re tired of the same boring work out routine that everyone else pushes.

They not only want to look good...
They want power, speed, endurance, agility, and mass.

They want to be


I lead by example... I regularly compete in powerlifting and fitness competitions.

I continue to train and push myself everyday because I’m dedicated to being all that I can be.

I’ve helped thousands of individuals take their fitness to the next level using the same techniques that I’m going to give you access to right now for ONLY $1

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Access to Today:


True Hybrid Athlete

This 10-week program will turn you into a dangerous warrior. It consists of powerlifting, bodybuilding, strength and conditioning, and high intensity interval training.

These exercises are designed to challenge you so that you can achieve maximum results.


Striking & Self Defense

Join me in these online training sessions to learn striking and self defense techniques. Each session focuses on a different set of skills that will prepare you for any situation.



This 8-week program will rapidly build your strength. Each workout is focused on an area of the body with exercise combinations that will bring out the inner animal. In classic RealWorld Tactical fashion, the intensity is intended to add that extra definition so you can look and feel dangerous.


Lockdown Training

This 8-week program will quickly build your strength, stamina, and speed. It’s a combination of body weight exercises that utilize functional training methods.


Hybrid Athlete

This is a 4-week entry level program that will help you experience Fast fitness breakthrough.


Leg Destruction

This is a 4-week isolation program that lives up to it’s name.
Over 20 different workouts that help you gain strength and power in your legs.


Arm Blaster

This is a 4-week program that is what it sounds like. Over 30 different exercises that engage both biceps and triceps so you can have bigger and stronger arms.


Today You’ll Also Get THREE Bonus Fitness Library’s:

  • Strength and Conditioning Library- Unlock the A-Z blueprint for increasing your strength and conditioning and minimum time. Each video will walk you step-by-step through your workout to guarantee success
  • ​Powerlifting Fitness Library- Discover The lost art of powerlifting for functional fitness. This bonus will have you lifting more weight faster than you ever thought possible while still maintaining your functional edge in combat
  • ​Body Building Library- Unleash your inner warrior and chisel your body by harnessing these secret bodybuilding techniques used by the worlds most elite athletes and special operators
These libraries have over 120 different workouts to help you become dangerously fit!

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thousands of warriors already seeing results!

Review from WWE Sheamus

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Today you can get instant access to ALL My Programs for  $1.

And when you experience the transformational benefits of my programs, you can stay on as a RealWorld Unleashed member and get unlimited access to all my training programs for just $10 bi-weekly.

That’s less than what most people pay for sugary, coffees and energy drinks per month - and it will easily be worth 100X more to you in improving your strength, agility, and speed.

And if you’re anything like me and my clients - serious about your fitness and strength routine - then you’ll notice the difference in your first 30 days.

Our goal is to change the way you feel day in and day out…

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